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About Our Logo

Coast Community Connections Logo

The logo incorporates three main elements. It uses people figurines to create an icon that is representative of the people of the community in which the organisation works with, supports, assists and provides services.

The figurines are purposely shaped with their arms out to reflect that they are happy, available for support, assistance and are welcoming. The figurines are joined to one another by their feet, again intentionally symbolising the organisations key concepts and values of connection, cooperation and commitment.

The third element in the logo is created by the shape of the legs of the figurines. This negative space forms a five-pointed star representing the five star quality we aspire to. In everything we do, we want to deliver high quality service.

These colours have also been chosen to epitomise the colours and tones that are usually associated with the coast and the local area, yellow and orange for the beach, blues for the water and sky and green for the plants and environment.

These elements that form the logo accentuate the overall community theme and are concepts that are reflective of the values and vision of Coast Community Connections.

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