FAQs - Youth Services

Can you work with my young person if they don’t live in the Peninsula area?

Evolution Youth Service is funded to provide a service to young people and their families within the Gosford area. Evolution has a specific focus on the Peninsula area which includes surrounding suburbs. We do however have a ‘no wrong door’ policy which means that we are happy to assist you provided you fit our criteria.

What is “Case Management”?

Case management is a process of assessment to determine needs of a young person and/or their families. A goal plan is developed with Case Worker that provides a clear outline of strategies to achieve goals listed. Young people are encouraged to set their own goals and work towards them with support of case worker and other supports and services. The process of Case Management aims to strengthen outcomes for both families and young people through coordinated service delivery.

Does it cost anything to use?

No. All Evolution Youth Service services are at no cost to the young person.

Will I have to wait to see someone at the service?

Not necessarily. Provided you fit the criteria and your referral is accepted, you should be allocated a worker within 2 weeks from your referral being approved.

Do I have to quit drinking/using drugs if I want to see the AOD counsellor?

No. The most important thing is seeing an AOD worker if you feel things are getting out of hand, or if you just want information and safer ways to reduce harm while taking drugs or alcohol. If you then feel that you want to stop taking drugs or drinking an AOD worker can help you stop.

Do I have to have a problem with AOD to see counsellor?

No. If you have a family member or friend that you are concerned with regarding drug and alcohol issues you can come and see the AOD worker. You can also see the AOD worker if you just want information or advice around AOD.

Can I see the counsellor if my friends or family have a problem with drugs/alcohol?

Yes you can.

Can you work with me if I am not aged between 12-17 years old?

Evolution Youth Service can work with young people aged 12-17 years, the Alcohol and Other Drugs Worker is able to work with young people aged 12-18 years. 

If you do not fit in to these age groups, you can still contact Evolution Youth Service who may be able to assist you in referral to more appropriate services for you or your young person.