Evolution Youth Service - ABOUT US

Evolution Youth Service is a free service delivering support and assistance to young people and their families. Through assessment and early intervention we can link young people to a range of appropriate support agencies to match their individual needs.

Our service is committed to assisting young people to:

  • remain engaged with education or employment

  • stay connected with their families

  • gain knowledge & skills to make positive life choices

  • support them to achieve their goals

We are committed to assisting parents and carers to:

  • know about community services and resources that meet their family's needs

  • have improved relationships with their child or children.

Evolution Youth Service supports an Alcohol and Other Drugs Program which provides free counselling and education for young people who may be concerned about their own (or their friend's) use of alcohol and other drugs.  For more information on this project, please contact the AOD Worker on 4342 7640.

For more information on the Evolution Youth Service please contact the Evolution Youth Services Manager on 02 4342 3684 or email eys@coastcommunityconnections.com.au